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Miscellaneous posts that were previously on Medium

During 2017 and 2018, I posted most of what I wrote — fiction, book discussion, a series of posts about aphantasia, and miscellaneous blog-style posts — on Medium. I’ve now decided to collect all these posts on this site. I’ve already moved the fiction and the book discussion and the next step is to move the posts about aphantasia. Below, you’ll find (in reverse chronological order) links to those miscellaneous, bloggy posts that I want to keep:

Andrew Marvell (1621–1678), poet: Three essays

What Colm Tóibín said about genre fiction

Why ebooks aren’t real books

Eluding the algorithm: Web discovery in the aftermath of social media

Patience is a virtue I don’t have, unfortunately
Comparing the diametrically opposed approaches of Kim Liao and Kristine Kathryn Rusch to publishing fiction, and finding both wanting.

On the keyboard
For a writer, the keyboard is the interface where the transfer takes place between your consciousness and the medium where your work is recorded in readable form. It’s the most important component of any computer you’ll ever use.

Sophie Hannah plans her novels before she starts to write
The supposed plotter-pantser distinction is a false dichotomy. Everybody plans, even if they just plunge into writing without a moment’s reflection.

Novelette: a suitable form for crime fiction?

Uncollected short stories

The truth about fiction

Why I’m no longer a self-published author

Goodreads and the self-published author
Goodreads may not be as welcoming an environment for the self-published author as many have assumed.

The language of Ireland
The belief that the Irish language is capable of being revived has survived in an in-between state for decades: too weak to be put into effect, too entrenched to be given up. It’s time we stopped wasting resources on it.

Posted by Art on 05-Apr-2021.