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Short fiction on Medium — recommendations

Between June 2017 and August 2018, I had a weekly newsletter with the title “Recommended Short Fiction on Medium”. After a little over a year, I allowed it to peter out, for a number of reasons which I elaborated on in detail in the first version of this page but which no longer seem all that relevant.

While I’m relieved to be shot of the newsletter, I’m still very fond of the title and I’d hate to see it fall into complete disuse. There’s still a collection on Mix labeled “Short fiction on Medium” where I used to post links to each week’s recommendations just after I’d sent out the newsletters. I’ve continued to post links to recommended stories in this collection, just not as frequently as I did while the newsletter was extant.

Recently recommended short stories on Medium

Flora Cistoldi, “Strapontin
If you read French, you might like Flora Cistoldi's short stories. This one likens an insomniac’s attempt to get to sleep to a miserably uncomfortable train journey.

Yulia Fedorov, “First Date Jitters
First dates can be unbearably stressful. Luckily for Heather (or is it Anna?), she has a coping mechanism and a concerned doctor.

Sarah Lofgren, “The Bride
A compact but punchily effective story by Sarah Lofgren about the differences between a young woman’s expectations of marriage and her grandmother’s (not to mention the reader’s).

Kristen Roupenian, “The Good Guy
A long (15,000 words) short story from Kristen Roupenian’s collection, You Know You Want This, which also includes the phenomenal “Cat Person”. The irony is a little heavy-handed for my taste.

Jennifer Schmidt, “The Girl in the Mirror
A short story about beauty, disguise, selfhood and depersonalization. That’s a lot to fit into about 1,000 words but it’s all there.

From now on, whenever I add a new story recommendation to the Mix collection, I’ll simultaneously post it to my and update this page with a link to the story. I’m hopeful that Recommended Short Fiction on Medium can still be revived, just not as a newsletter.

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Simultaneously with the original version of this page, I was writing a post in which I argued that subscription services are a much better option than ebooks for authors who’d like to make some money from their work, and that Medium is, in effect, the best subscription service available to self-publishing authors. This being so, it naturally struck me that I ought to revert to doing my bit to promote and encourage fiction writers to post their work on Medium. So here goes.

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