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Ian Sutherland, Social Engineer review

I read this short fiction (the author describes is as a novella) for free on Wattpad. I assume the editions in the Kindle and iBooks stores aren't substantially different — the Wattpad edition seems largely unimprovable, easily five stars' worth.

For a short piece — I read it comfortably in 90 minutes or less — it handles a complicated and satisfyingly twisty plot with remarkable skill and confidence. It is well structured, with alternating short chapters set in the approximate present and up to six weeks earlier, letting the story unfold at just the right pace. Although it concerns an IT security threat possibly sponsored by the Chinese government, the stakes are not artificially high. There is no murder victim and the security breach is not aimed at stealing explosive political intelligence or nuclear codes but the commercially sensitive formula for an anti-Alzheimer's drug.

A little gem.

Originally posted on Goodreads 22-Sep-2016.