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My longer posts on

I’ve been posting on since August 2018. As the name suggests, it’s a micro-blogging platform. Posts of 280 characters or less appear in their entirety in the timeline of anyone who is following you. You’re not limited to 280 characters, however. If a longer post has a title, that title will be displayed in the timeline, otherwise, the post will be truncated with a link to the full text. I tend to keep my posts to 280 characters or less (essentially using as a friendlier alternative to Twitter) but every now and then I post something longer. Because I buy blog hosting from (at $5 a month), my posts on the platform constitute a regular blog. Below, I list the more substantial pieces I’ve posted there that I think might, or should, have some longevity.

You can find more information about on its Help pages.

Posted by Art on 26-Oct-2019; updated 22-Mar-2020.