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My posts about aphantasia

In April 2018, I started to write about the subject of aphantasia. At the time, I thought the condition was an entertaining quirk, something I was amused to have unexpectedly discovered about myself, with few practical implications. The more I thought and wrote about it, though, the more it seemed to me that the absence of a visual imagination has had a profound effect on the way I perceive and relate to the world.

The posts listed below don’t reflect a consistent development in my thinking on the subject. Rather, I’ve been tentatively exploring the subjective experience of having this condition, and trying out ideas. It’s important that I emphasize that I’m neither a scientist nor medically qualified. What you will find here are merely the speculations of a fiction writer, attempting to record and respond to my own experience of aphantasia.

These are the pieces I’ve posted since April 2018 (at first on Medium and more recently on this site) in reverse chronological order:

Finally, there’s a post about autobiographical or episodic memory, and how I dealt with that subject in a short story before I knew I had aphantasia:

Deficient episodic memory in my short story “The Bourne Indeterminacy”

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